Blogmas - Editia 2k17 : part. 2 - Sfantul Wishlist de fiecare an aka. Scrisoare catre 2018


Pentru anul ce maine isi face loc,fie ca vrei,fie ca nu, in casele noastre (eu deja am schimbat calendarul) m-am gandit sa celebrez asta printr-un wish-list,de care va tot spuneam de saptamana trecuta,dar intre timp,a intervenit un proiect international la care nu aveam cum sa nu ma inscriu. Asa ca, proiectul We Heart It (caci despre dansul este vorba) mi-a ocupat ultimele zile ale lui 2017. 

 Nu se poate schimba anul fara eterna lista de dorinte pe anul succesiv, in concluzie, am alcatuit o lista in care enumar schumbarile si planurile pe care le voi pune in aplicare in 2018. Scriu 2018 a doua oara,pentru ca prima data scrisesem 2017,lucru de care mi-e teama ca il voi face jumatate din 2018. :))

 Am abordat subiectul in engleza in jurnal,apoi public,asa ca va ofer o lista de dorinte de data asta nu romaneste in care abordez ca un plan de subpuncte : sanatatea,cultivarea intelectuala,economii anuale,calatorit,despre pastrarea unui jurnal,stapanirea la un nivel avansat a limbilor straine,putin dintr-ale artei Blogging-ului,prietenii,revanse,pasiuni si lista poate continua.

Ganduri catre 2017-2018 :
Ei bine,cam atat si cu anul acesta...un an incarcat de emotii,bucurii, dar in acelasi timp obositor. Sunt mandra de mine ca am reusit sa resimt oboseala acumulata anul acesta,prin prisma reusitelor materiale si sentimentale. :) A fost magic. Sarbatorile au fost incarcate de unicitate,petrecute in extaz,in sfarsit 100% cu ai mei... Nu am de gand sa fac multe comparatii intre ani,dar il atentionez pe 2018 care ne bate la usa sa ia aminte la ce-i spun : fii bland cu mine si cu toti ceilalti ! Nu mai imprastia cu ganduri rele peste tot si mananca sanatos, fii sanatos ! Este tot ceea ce conteaza. 
Si uite asa,incheiaram cel mai obositor an din viata mea...

Cu aste cuvinte,va urez sarbatori fericite (adica ce au mai ramas din ele) ,anul viitor cu muuuulta forta de munca si tragere de inima sa ne revedem ! 
Cu drag, ultimul articol din 2017...

The calendar tabs are on the end, and this week we are already preparing to add another rose to the bouquet of life...
All these being said, today I decided to reveal some of the many expectations, hopes, goals, dreams I have at present for the next year, namely, 2018. (Is the second time I write the year, because the first time I wrote 2017, which I'm afraid to make half of the next year - Jk).
It's the first time I'm trying to share my daily life priorities across multiple categories and analyze them thoroughly. Navigating through these typed rows, I already feel more responsible, more organized and I hope that will only bring me benefits in the coming year.
#1Eat healthier
I'm 100% sure you hear this everywhere, anytime, but we need to realize that health is basically the key to success in your life.
You can not be successful in your career without health. Let's admit that the money does not come without work done seriously, with precision and attention. Where does the precision coming from? Where does the craving come from? Where does that beautiful reflect in the morning, right after you open your eyes, '' Ah, thank God I'm still alive!'' ? You probably know where.
Returning to the topic, as a starting point to the other topics of discussion,health opens most doors to success. Our will is the key !
#2Read 100 books
On the subject, however, I really want this year to end the Harry Potter series, which I will write some literary reviews right here on We Heart It! As a plus of the discussion, I am sad that I am not born, at least 5 years earlier, so I can enjoy Harry Potter and his great launch !
(If u don't know, I'm almost 13 years old).
I want my own relaxing corner, where I can get into the magical world of books, to escape between the ranks of the book !
I want to write on the door,at the entrance: "Do not disturb the place where dreams are growing up ! "
#3Save money
Maybe in the country where I live, money is a taboo subject, and if you talk about it in public, you are considered materialist, and at the other extreme, you are considered...poor. Regardless of the nature of the subject you are addressing. It's sad,but I'm glad to discover that there is, beyond the boundaries of my country, a way to express my views on everything,without being judged.
In general, I am a yarn that saves everything and makes from nothing art.
But since I was just a kid, adults were amazed at how much I could save and how many tips we gave to others about what surrounds us !
Okay. Ready with praise.
#4 Travel more
Travelling is one of my passions for a lifetime, but I have not always had the opportunity to explore the dear places to my heart, but it's never too late.Remind this !
#5Keep a journal
Mom says that keeping a diary is the perfect way to develop your writing skills and to download your emotions when it's hard to express it to someone! I think he's absolutely right.
I nodded, but in fact I was thinking how to keep your feelings away from the eyes of the curious, in the hand of your diary. Instantly, I came up with the idea that a blog is perfect for this. Absolutely anonymous, absolutely certain. So I became a blogger in two languages: native language (Romanian) and another foreign language (English) I practice here. :) And, yup, I know I make some mistakes here,but I'm sorry and I PROMISSE I'll fix this problem.
So, in 2018 I'll continue my journal,better than I do now, in 2017 !
#6Learn better English and France
In most foreign language tests, I took the maximum mark (an A, or, in my country, 10),but now I want to take English and French to another level, to national performance !
In Romania, we study ,as the most important subject, as native language, Romanian language,and I did almost national performance,so next year I want to keep up !
I want to organize a place dedicated to the study, personalized. A more comfortable place, because I will spend most of my time there.
I want to dedicate as much time to the study.
#7Grow up my Blog(s)
Blogging has long time ago been a job for me, so I'd like to take this to a more professional level, and if I do that, I'll move from Blogspot to other professional sites. For now, I tell Blogspot ... mother Blogspot !
How about We Heart It ... just good things to say. I want to write more articles here, more regularly if possible, because (and I think that all the bloggers still find school students) time is pressing me very hard.
I promise to come back with an article where I talk about school stress and more on the subject!
I'm sure this year I've been doing enough "battles" (verbal) with some people around me, but I want in 2018 to get back on some aspects of life and fix everything that I've been ruining over the past years!
I want to be more patient with others around me if I want to be treated as such.
I want to strengthen relationships with my dear ones and I want to help other people who need me.
#9Can I be a Heartist,please?(on my We Heart It account)
Well, that will only keep me and my canvas ! :)
#10Publish more original and artistic photos (aestethic)
The most popular image of 2017 is this one, who reaches almost 1000 hearts. So proud,so thankful.
#11Listen to some great music
I don't know what that means ''great music'' for you. Classical music for cultured people, pop, rock, hip-hop,rap,etc. For me, great music means two things : be English, or American music, pop,rap or indie-rock.
#12Cultivate my passions
In addition to blogging,travel and books I want to take a close look at the photography art. Still my childrood my kindred and my classmates adore the way I take photo frames and the way I think about the world in the lens of the camera !
Another passion, and this article is ready, is singing. Next year I want to publish my first cover on YouTube and honestly, I'm pretty scared !
So...Starting with January 1st, we are all some people changed !
Oh,thank you so,so much for reading and I'm waiting for you next time, and I promise, will be very soon !